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The bacon is the belly of the pig, with its skin (rind) is trimmed, salted, spiced. It is rolled and tied before being dried. It is then aged for several months in our cellars. The product obtained is characterized by a bacon aroma of sweet old recipe, great softness and delicacy thanks to the grain of the noble white fat. Usage: ideal for appetizers sliced ​​for sandwiches delicious. Store: in the refrigerator, once started wrap in plastic film protecting the exposed part of the cut. No gluten, no dairy, no allergens, no chemical flavorings.

  • Cantaluppi
  • In the beginning it was Dad Giacinto that, even before the outbreak of World War II, began the distribution of meats and cheeses in shops, restaurants and taverns of the time. Few years, the legendary Fiat 501 with which even reached the most distant customers, alongside a first store in Como. The company's growth is Cantaluppi been driven by the ability to meet the needs of businesses and restaurants, offering practical and innovative solutions. These were the years of ......

    Categories: Meats & Cheese / PANCETTA   Brands: Cantaluppi

      • Pancetta Steccata With Axis With Pigskin (4.5 kg. Approx)

        Pancetta Steccata With Axis With Pigskin (4.5 kg. Approx)

        The bacon is a pork sausage prepared with the part of the animal's belly.The ...

        € 99,00


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