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Fine liqueurs produced in the distillery with tradition: grappa, arancello, limoncello liqueur, brandy and honey, chamomile liqueur and grappa, sambuca, melon liqueur of Calverley, bitter, punch, millefiori, genepy, euphonium, mulled wine, bitter, jars fruit in alcohol.

  • Distillerie Piazza
  • The brand Piazza Since 1995 we are happy to count you among our Brands that of Distilleries Piazza di Gorgonzola. Products Town Square, are still made ​​according to original recipes and traditional methods that have made this company. Nothing has changed and nothing will change. The tradition is safe and continues to enjoy his success....

    Categories: Winery & Beverage / Liquor   Brands: Distillerie Piazza

    • Il Cedro Piazza

      Il Cedro Piazza

      Antique liquor flavored Cedar. Degrees: 30% Vol Capacity: 1 LT. Products Town ...

      € 19,50
    • Mandorla Dolce Piazza

      Mandorla Dolce Piazza

      Sweet Almond flavored liquor. Degrees: 40% Vol Capacity: 1 LT. Products Town ...

      € 19,50
    • Anice Forte Piazza

      Anice Forte Piazza

      Strong liquor flavored with anise notes and decided tasty thanks to its unique ...

      € 19,90
    • Limoncello Piazza

      Limoncello Piazza

      Limoncello fits perfectly, the beautiful color and velvety flavor brought in the ...

      € 19,80
    • Amaro Drago Piazza

      Amaro Drago Piazza

      Special Bitter pleasant and solid, built according to the ancient and secret ...

      € 20,70


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