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Fine liqueurs produced in the distillery with tradition: grappa, arancello, limoncello liqueur, brandy and honey, chamomile liqueur and grappa, sambuca, melon liqueur of Calverley, bitter, punch, millefiori, genepy, euphonium, mulled wine, bitter, jars fruit in alcohol.

  • Laboratorio Liquoriustico Italiano S.A.S
  • The Story: Our company was founded in 1952 crafted in the period of full economic recovery after the war thanks to the great passion of the " Grandfather Founder " Mr. Luigi Cucchi. Exceptional person , refined and courteous, highly educated and with a thousand ideas , can , with great effort , commitment and determination to impose itself on the local area . Thus was born this small company . Over the years, Mr. Luigi gains credibility and their products are ......

    Categories: Winery & Beverage / Liquor   Brands: Laboratorio Liquoriustico Italiano S.A.S

    • Arancello


      orange flavoured liquor, best served in a frozen glass. Ideally consumed at the ...

      € 14,60
    • Artisan Limocello Cucchi

      Artisan Limocello Cucchi

      this lemon-flavoured liquor, is one of Italy’s best seller and most ...

      € 15,90
    • Nadian Noir

      Nadian Noir

      Black Sambuca-flavoured liquor with dedicated case. Nadian Noir’s ...

      € 18,90
    • Liquilemon


      this product is born from the union of our two best products, licorice and ...

      € 16,80
    • Liquirizia liquore

      Liquirizia liquore

      our licorice-flavoured liquor is one of our best specialties. It is too made ...

      € 16,90
    • Mela Verde

      Mela Verde

      a green apple-flavoured liquor with a fresh taste. Ideal for any occasion, it is ...

      € 15,90
    • Liquor with Grappa e blueberries

      Liquor with Grappa e blueberries

      a Grappa and blueberries flavoured liquor. A typical “mangia e bevi” ...

      € 21,80
    • Liquor with Grappa e Strawberries

      Liquor with Grappa e Strawberries

      a Grappa and strawberry flavoured liquor, with bits of strawberries in it. A ...

      € 19,40
    • Original Genepy

      Original Genepy

      made in collaboration with local distilleries, this is the original Aosta ...

      € 17,90
    • Chestnut Liquor

      Chestnut Liquor

      chestnut-flavoured liquor, ideal to accompanied with seasonal disse, usually in ...

      € 18,30
    • Bombardino


      liquor made with eggs, sugar, milk and rhum. A tipycal mountain product, perfect ...

      € 15,50
    • White Sambuca

      White Sambuca

      anise-flavoured liquor best enjoyed when added to coffee or by itself with ice

      € 14,60
    • Chamomile Punch

      Chamomile Punch

      camomille-flavoured liquor, delicate and pleasant, to be served hot. Ideal to ...

      € 15,70
    • Choccolate Punch

      Choccolate Punch

      chocolate-flavoured liquor, dense and intense, best served hot. Ideal to warm ...

      € 15,70
    • Rhum Punch

      Rhum Punch

      Rhum-flavoured liquor, very intense, best served hot. Ideal to warm yourself ...

      € 15,90
    • Orange Punch

      Orange Punch

      orange-flavoured punch, initially releasing the orange’s sour flavour, ...

      € 15,70
    • Mandarin Punch

      Mandarin Punch

      mandarin-flavoured punch, with a sweet and sour flavour, intense and scented, ...

      € 17,70
    • Lemon Punch

      Lemon Punch

      lemon-flavoured punch, with a sweet and sour flavour, intense and scented, best ...

      € 15,40
    • Berries Punch

      Berries Punch

      berries-flavoured punch, characterized by its intense, sweet and scented ...

      € 17,00
    • Aperitivo


      Aperitivo with a sweet and sour flavour of oranges and mixed herbs, with a ...

      € 11,60
    • Vin Brulé

      Vin Brulé

      our Vin Brulè is a liquorous wine. Its flavours can be enriched by adding ...

      € 14,50
    • Amaro Bergamasco

      Amaro Bergamasco

      bitter liquor obtained from the infusion of herbs, pleasures the most demanding ...

      € 16,50
    • Vase of Babà

      Vase of Babà

      Babà in Jamaica spirit in a 370 ml vase

      € 16,80
    • Vase of Figs

      Vase of Figs

      figs in Vodka in a 370 ml vase

      € 14,90
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