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The optimization of our meal started from the search of the best varieties of maize. The criterion for selection was the focus solely on the quality and yield. Our core product is the MARANO addition to three other similar quality corn. It is panicles of small size, from the seed vitro and very hard, low yield but higher quality. All of our meals are FULL or wish it, of various sizes (fine, medium or large) and ground with a stone mill. All stages of processing and grinding are performed in full compliance with the biological characteristics of the raw materials in order to preserve the integrity of the natural principles and improve digestibility of various nutritional components. All wholemeal flour to dough Salera, in addition to being minced in purity, are free of additives added. They are crushed natural stone features and characteristics of the individual grains or cereals and let sieved in order to maintain its nutrients. The traditional and well-established craft business allows you to choose and make the best raw materials, through experience gained in both the hammering stones in both the constant supervision of all stages of processing. This procedure means that the flour is more nutritious, more digestible and more fragrant.

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