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  • Cucina Antica
  • Cucina Antica We manufacture our products by combining the latest technologies with unique facilities in Europe , the rigorous selection of raw materials , processed with accuracy to reproduce the traditional recipes . Cucina Antica offers a wide range of products ranging from traditional meat sauce, mushrooms and game, sauces Mediterranean , passing through those fish and pesto sauce , as well as creams and sauces of plant origin, the delicate mayonnaise, to salad ......

    Categories: Conserve & CO. / Sauce & Cream / Salse e Creme di Verdura   Brands: Cucina Antica

      • Olives Cream

        Olives Cream

        INGREDIENTS: Black olives (48%), olive paste (31%), olive oil, sugar, acidity ...

        € 5,80
      • Cream with porcini mushrooms

        Cream with porcini mushrooms

        Very thin pieces of porcini mushrooms, linked by a sauce made ​​from mushrooms, ...

        € 7,80
      • Sauce Vegetella

        Sauce Vegetella

        INGREDIENTS: Mixed vegetables (carrot, onion, peppers, celery, turnip, fennel, ...

        € 4,80
      • Sauce Carciofella ( artichokes )

        Sauce Carciofella ( artichokes )

        Is sauce of artichoke hearts that can be used for various uses. It can be ...

        € 5,80
      • Sauce Peverada

        Sauce Peverada

        INGREDIENTS: Chicken livers and hearts (43%), onion, olive oil, bacon, anchovy ...

        € 5,80
      • Truffle cream

        Truffle cream

        INGREDIENTS : Mushrooms cultivated mushrooms ( Agaricus bisporus) ( 79%), ...

        € 6,50
      • Fire sauce

        Fire sauce

        A typical recipe of Calabrian cuisine made ​​with chilli and vegetables. It has ...

        € 6,80
      • Green sauce

        Green sauce

        Ingredients: Peppers (34%), parsley, celery, wine vinegar, onion, sunflower seed ...

        € 4,30


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