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How to Buy

Shopping on YesEatIs you are guaranteed to put on the table food products of high quality, with the convenience of being able to order wherever you are using a PC , Notebook , Smartphone or Tablet and receive them comfortably at home or wherever you are , being able to select for each order the delivery address of your choice .

To buy one or more products , you will not have to do is browse the database broken down by category and click "Add to Cart" / use product / s you want and once you have finished your " online shopping " , click on "shopping cart" (found in the navigation bar at the top of the screen ) and you will get the list of products you have selected with the prices . In case you want to add or delete some products you can do it from the comfort of this page.

By clicking on the "Proceed to Checkout " you will be directed to a page where, if you are not a registered user , you will be prompted to enter your personal information ( some of these are required in order to proceed with the purchase ) . The next step will allow you to choose the shipping method you prefer . Once you have selected and inserted the personal choice of the method of delivery , you will be shown a page with a summary of your order and the total related to the products and the total including shipping.

Clicking on " Proceed to Payment" you will be prompted to choose the preferred method of payment , once chosen, clicking on the " Insert Order" will be sent to the payment and your order will become effective .

From this moment YesEatIs will pay for your order will be processed as quickly as possible .

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