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Customer care - Shipping

Shipping Methods on YesEatIs: Fast and Safe Deliveries All over the World

Fast and Reliable Shipping

YesEatIs collaborates with the best couriers to guarantee fast and safe deliveries anywhere in the world. Shipping and delivery times vary depending on the payment method and delivery service selected.

Order Processing Times

Credit Card/PayPal: Orders usually processed the day after purchase.
Bank Transfer: Orders processed the day after receipt of credit.

Shipping Options

Standard Express Courier
Delivery Times: 24-48 hours, depending on the region.
Exceptions : Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, smaller islands and mountain areas can take up to 72 hours.
Cost: starting from €7.90 (in Italy)

Packaging and Storage of Products

To guarantee the maximum quality and conservation of products during transport:
We use careful packaging to prevent alterations or deterioration.
For perishable products, we use isothermal packaging in polystyrene and dry ice (Dryice technology) to keep the cold chain intact.< /p> Product Weight Variability

Many of our products are handcrafted, so the weight may vary slightly. You will find an indicative weight on the product information sheet.

Delivery Tips

To avoid products remaining in storage in courier warehouses:
Provide an address where someone is always present during working hours.
Indicate an alternative address, such as that of a relative, friend or place of work.
Always enter your mobile number for any contact relating to the delivery.

"Ex-warehouse seller" clause

From the moment the goods leave our warehouse, the costs and risks of transport are borne by the buyer.

Anomalies and Defects in Delivery

If you notice any anomaly at the time of delivery (e.g. damaged, open package, dented):
Accept the package with "Inspection reserve", indicating the reason on the waybill.
Send an email to describing what happened and attaching photos of the package.

Trust YesEatIs for fast and safe shipping of your favorite food and wine products. We offer different delivery options to satisfy your every need, always guaranteeing the highest quality and freshness of the products.

AUSTRIA€ 14,90€ 59,90Yes
BELGIUM€ 14,90€ 59,90Yes
BULGARIA€ 19,90€ 69,90Yes
CIPRO€ 25,90€ 299,00Yes
CROATIA (HRVATSKA)€ 79,00€ 499,00Yes
CZECH REPUBLIC€ 49,00€ 499,00Yes
DENMARK€ 14,90€ 59,90Yes
ESTONIA€ 19,90€ 69,90Yes
FINLAND€ 14,90€ 59,90Yes
FRANCE€ 14,90€ 59,90Yes
FRANCE - CORSICA€ 15,90€ 85,90Yes
GERMANY€ 14,90€ 59,90Yes
GREECE€ 49,00€ 499,00Yes
HUNGARY€ 15,90€ 41,90Yes
IRELAND€ 15,90€ 41,90Yes
ITALY€ 7,90€ 7,90Yes
LETTONIA€ 31,90€ 59,90Yes
LITHUANIA€ 25,90€ 299,00Yes
LUSSEMBURGO€ 14,90€ 59,90Yes
MALTA€ 25,90€ 299,00Yes
NETHERLANDS€ 14,90€ 39,90Yes
NORTH IRELAND€ 20,90€ 65,90Yes
POLAND€ 19,90€ 69,90Yes
PORTUGAL€ 14,90€ 59,90Yes
ROMANIA€ 19,90€ 69,90Yes
SAN MARINO€ 7,90€ 7,90Yes
SLOVACCHIA€ 15,90€ 199,90Yes
SLOVENIA€ 14,90€ 59,90Yes
SPAIN€ 14,90€ 59,90Yes
SPAIN - BALEARIC ISLANDS€ 49,00€ 499,00Yes
SWEDEN€ 14,90€ 59,90Yes
AFGHANISTAN€ 79,90€ 499,00no
ALBANIA€ 69,90€ 999,00no
ALGERIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
ANDORRA€ 25,90€ 299,00no
ANGOLA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
ANGUILLA€ 69,90€ 999,00no
ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
ARGENTINA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
ARMENIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
ARUBA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
AUSTRALIA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
AZERBAIJAN€ 79,00€ 499,00no
BAHAMAS€ 79,90€ 499,00no
BAHRAIN€ 79,90€ 499,00no
BANGLADESH€ 79,00€ 499,00no
BARBADOS€ 79,90€ 499,00no
BELARUS€ 69,90€ 999,00no
BELIZE€ 79,00€ 499,00no
BENIN€ 79,00€ 499,00no
BERMUDA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
BHUTAN€ 79,00€ 499,00no
BOLOVIA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
BOTSWANA€ 69,90€ 999,00no
BRAZIL€ 79,90€ 499,00no
BRUNEI DARUSSALAM€ 79,90€ 499,00no
BURKINA FASO€ 69,90€ 999,00no
BURUNDI€ 79,00€ 499,00no
CAMBODIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
CAMEROON€ 79,00€ 499,00no
CANADA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
CAPE VERDE€ 79,90€ 499,00no
CAYMAN ISLANDS€ 79,90€ 499,00no
CHAD€ 79,00€ 499,00no
CHILE€ 79,90€ 499,00no
CHINA€ 39,00€ 199,00no
COLOMBIA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
COMOROS€ 79,90€ 499,00no
CONGO€ 79,90€ 499,00no
COSTA RICA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
COTE D'IVOIRE€ 79,00€ 499,00no
CUBA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
DOMINICA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC€ 79,90€ 499,00no
ECUADOR€ 79,90€ 499,00no
EGYPT€ 79,90€ 499,00no
EL SALVADOR€ 79,00€ 499,00no
ERITREA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
ETHIOPIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
FAROE ISLANDS€ 69,90€ 999,00no
FIJI€ 79,90€ 499,00no
FRENCH POLYNESIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
GABON€ 79,00€ 499,00no
GAMBIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
GEORGIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
GHANA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
GIBRALTAR€ 69,90€ 999,00no
GRENADA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
GUADELOUPE€ 79,90€ 499,00no
GUATEMALA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
GUERNSEY€ 49,00€ 499,00no
GUINEA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
GUINEA-BISSAU€ 79,90€ 499,00no
GUYANA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
HAITI€ 79,00€ 499,00no
HONDURAS€ 79,00€ 499,00no
HONG KONG€ 79,90€ 499,00no
INDIA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
INDONESIA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF€ 79,00€ 499,00no
IRAQ€ 79,90€ 499,00no
ISLANDA€ 69,90€ 999,00no
ISRAEL€ 79,00€ 499,00no
JAMAICA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
JAPAN€ 79,90€ 499,00no
JORDAN€ 79,00€ 499,00no
KAZAKHSTAN€ 79,00€ 499,00no
KENYA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
KIRIBATI€ 79,00€ 499,00no
KOSOVO€ 69,90€ 999,00no
KUWAIT€ 79,90€ 499,00no
KYRGYZSTAN€ 79,00€ 499,00no
LAOS€ 79,00€ 499,00no
LEBANON€ 79,00€ 499,00no
LESOTHO€ 79,00€ 499,00no
LIBERIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
LIBYA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
LIECHTENSTEIN€ 25,90€ 299,00no
MACAU€ 79,00€ 499,00no
MADAGASCAR€ 79,00€ 499,00no
MALAWI€ 79,00€ 499,00no
MALAYSIA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
MALDIVES€ 79,00€ 499,00no
MALI€ 79,00€ 499,00no
MARTINIQUE€ 79,90€ 499,00no
MAURITANIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
MAURITIUS€ 79,00€ 499,00no
MEXICO€ 79,90€ 499,00no
MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF€ 79,00€ 499,00no
MONGOLIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
MONTENEGRO€ 69,90€ 999,00no
MOROCCO€ 79,00€ 499,00no
MOZAMBIQUE€ 79,00€ 499,00no
NAMIBIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
NEPAL€ 79,00€ 499,00no
NEW CALEDONIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
NEW ZEALAND€ 79,90€ 499,00no
NICARAGUA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
NIGER€ 79,00€ 499,00no
NIGERIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
NORWAY€ 25,90€ 299,00no
OMAN€ 79,00€ 499,00no
PAKISTAN€ 79,90€ 499,00no
PALESTINE€ 39,00€ 199,00no
PANAMA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
PARAGUAY€ 79,00€ 499,00no
PERU€ 79,90€ 499,00no
PHILIPPINES€ 79,90€ 499,00no
PRINC. MONACO€ 14,90€ 59,90no
PUERTO RICO€ 79,00€ 499,00no
QATAR€ 79,00€ 499,00no
REUNION (France)€ 79,90€ 499,00no
RUSSIAN FEDERATION€ 29,90€ 499,00no
RWANDA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS€ 79,90€ 499,00no
SAINT MARTIN (FR)€ 59,90€ 219,90no
SAMOA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
SAUDI ARABIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
SENEGAL€ 79,00€ 499,00no
SERBIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
SEYCHELLES€ 79,00€ 499,00no
SIERRA LEONE€ 79,00€ 499,00no
SINGAPORE€ 79,90€ 499,00no
SINT MAARTEN (NL)€ 59,90€ 219,90no
SOUTH AFRICA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
SOUTH KOREA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
SPAIN - CANARY ISLANDS€ 49,00€ 499,00no
SRI LANKA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
SUDAN€ 79,00€ 499,00no
SURINAME€ 79,00€ 499,00no
SWITZERLAND€ 25,90€ 299,00no
SYRIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
TAIWAN€ 79,90€ 499,00no
TAJIKISTAN€ 79,00€ 499,00no
THAILANDIA€ 79,90€ 499,00no
TOGO€ 79,00€ 499,00no
TONGA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO€ 79,90€ 499,00no
TUNISIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
TURKEY€ 69,00€ 699,00no
TURKMENISTAN€ 79,00€ 499,00no
UGANDA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
UKRAINE€ 69,90€ 999,00no
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES€ 79,90€ 499,00no
UNITED KINGDOM€ 20,90€ 65,90no
URUGUAY€ 79,00€ 499,00no
USA€ 69,00€ 699,00no
UZBEKISTAN€ 79,00€ 499,00no
VENEZUELA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
VIETNAM€ 79,00€ 499,00no
VIRGIN ISLANDS (U.S.)€ 69,00€ 699,00no
YEMEN€ 79,00€ 499,00no
ZAMBIA€ 79,00€ 499,00no
ZIMBABWE€ 79,00€ 499,00no
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Shipping Methods on YesEatIs
YesEatIs collaborates with the best couriers to guarantee fast and safe deliveries anywhere in the world, guaranteeing the highest quality and freshness of the