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Customer care - Shipping

Shipping Methods and Additional Services :

The shipping times and delivery times vary depending on the chosen method of payment and the type of delivery service selected.

If the order has been paid by credit card / PayPal, your order will be processed usually the day after the purchase. Otherwise if the order was performed by bank transfer, the order will be processed the following day from the receipt of the' payment (accreditation times depend on bank circuits).

Express Courier Standard: delivery times once the order has been processed, ranging from 24/48 hours depending on the region for which delivery is required. Exceptions are Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, smaller islands and high mountain areas (more than 60km away from the motorway network), for which delivery times can be up to 72 hours from the time of evasion. Rate € 7.90

To help you choose the best shipping solution that suits your needs, YesEatIs offers you various types of services, which are added to the fare Express Delivery Standard :

Fixed Day Delivery: choosing this service, when completing the order, you can indicate the day / s of the week and the time slots (morning / afternoon) in which you wish to receive your order. Additional cost of the service € 4.00

Delivery on appointment: by choosing this service, you will be contacted by telephone directly from the courier to agree on the date and time of delivery. Additional cost of the service € 6.00

Delivery on Saturday: choosing this service, you can choose to receive your order on Saturday. Additional cost of the service € 10.00

Proper storage of the product during the journey to your home is essential to be able to leave the organoleptic characteristics unaltered and make you experience a highly satisfying sensory experience, which is why our food and wine specialties are sent with carefully prepared packaging, so that do not undergo alterations or deterioration during transport.

When necessary, in order to guarantee the perfect preservation and integrity of perishable products, we use isothermal food packaging in polystyrene, inside which we insert an adequate quantity of dry ice (with Dryice technology). In this way the cold chain will remain unchanged for the duration of the journey, from our warehouses to your home. The bag containing the dry ice in gel, can be reused once placed in the freezer.

Many of our products are of handicraft production, for this reason there can be an uncontrollable variability of the weight of some products. In particular in cutting products, it is not possible to indicate in the product sheet the exact weight of the product you will receive. In the product information sheet, you will find an indicative weight that will not differ greatly from the weight of the product you will receive.

In order to avoid the stock into the couriers' warehouses of the purchased products, it is recommended to request the delivery to an address where the merchandise can be withdrown by phisical persons, in parctiular during business hours. The courier will request a signature at the time of delivery, if no one was found at the address indicated, the products will be placed in storage at the courier depot of the area and a warning will be left in the mail box. In this case you can contact the courier directly and agree for a new delivery starting from the following day.

When ordering it is possible to indicate the home address, but also that of a relative, a friend or that of your workplace. It is really important that the choosen address has someone phisically present in order to receive the goods.

To facilitate the process of goods and the delivery, we recommend you always to enter your mobile number in the appropriate field so that you can easily contact us or be reached for any information concerning the order.

The goods are delivered "ex warehouse seller". This clause included in the contract of sale, indicates that from the moment in which the goods leave the warehouse of the seller, all costs related to the transport, as well as the related risks, burden the buyer.

Faults and Defects in Delivery:

At the time of delivery of the products , in case you encounter some anomalies (damaged package , open neck and neck bruised , wet neck, neck destroyed, crushed neck , etc ...) we invite you to accept the package from the shipper with reserve Control state the reason for the waybill .

This will allow us to solve the problem more easily, requiring compensation for the damage to the courier .

Once you have accepted the package with reserve Control, write us an e -mail to describing what happened and, if possible, attach photos of the neck anomalies.

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