plissè - blender in thermoplastic resin with graduated jug - 700 w - 150 cl - white


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Designed by Michele De Lucchi, the Plissà© blender stands out for its innovative and at the same time familiar shape, which arises from the happy conjunction between the elegance of its design and a series of functional details that make it practical, easy to use and Safe. A versatile and functional tool that does not fail to amaze thanks to the refinement of the design. Consisting of a motor body and a PCTG graduated jug, with a capacity of 1.5 liters and equipped with blades, handle, lid with gasket and measuring cap. The motor body has a knob with controls, a power indicator light and a cable winding compartment at the base. PCTG is a particularly high-quality thermoplastic resin: brilliant, light and extremely transparent, but at the same time resistant. It also has excellent thermal performance (from -40° to +90°). DESIGN NOTES: Fascinating: The Plissà© blender strikes with its intriguing shape, a perfectly successful dialogue between geometric volumes, colors and transparencies. Surprising: Practical and safe, it combines the functionality of a high-quality appliance with the charm of the design of a great Italian master. Indispensable: For those who choose a healthy diet based on fruit and vegetables, for those who want to make quick and nutritious meals, but also for those who want to amaze their friends with gourmet dinners. SUSTAINABILITY AND SAFETY: Tested and certified to guarantee consumer safety. Two sensors block the mechanism if the jug is not correctly positioned on the blender body and if it is not closed by its lid. A dual device that allows use only in conditions of maximum safety. A non-slip base ensures stability during working. A non-slip base ensures stability during use. PCTG, the material used to make the measuring cap, lid and graduated jug, is BPA free. WEEE (WEEE) included in the package. USE AND MAINTENANCE: [Simple to use] Remove the lid and insert the food to be blended into the jug. Replace the lid on the carafe and insert the measuring cap. Once inserted, rotate the dispenser clockwise to complete closing. The measuring cap can be used both to easily measure the ingredients and to insert them into the jug, when the blender is working. The blender is equipped with 5 speeds. On the control knob, the "0" position indicates ON/OFF (on/off), the "1" to "5" position indicates the speed of use, the "P" position indicates the PULSE function (intermittent use). Insert the plug into the socket and turn the knob to the right from the ON/OFF "0" position to that of the desired working speed. To remove the jug simply lift it from the motor body. The carafe has a comfortable handle that allows for an easy and safe grip. Thanks to the particular lightness of PCTG it is extremely easy to handle and is much less heavy than those produced in glass. The spout is designed for precise pouring, without drips or smears. The cable is integrated: after use it can be rewound under the base of the blender. [Easy to disassemble and clean] The jug and blades are easily disassembled. We recommend washing the carafe with warm water and a non-abrasive soap. Do not wash in the dishwasher. Clean the motor body, base and cable with a damp cloth and dry carefully with a soft cloth. [Easy to maintain over time] In case of wear, loss or damage, you can purchase the following spare parts from your trusted Alessi retailer: measuring cap, lid with gasket and graduated jug with blade block. PACKAGING: Proposed in recycled cardboard packaging, decorated with an original sketch by the author. Capacity: 150 cl - Height: 42.5 cm - Length: 23.5 cm - Width: 18.5 cm.
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