plissè - mini blender in thermoplastic resin with glass, whisk and chopper-500 w-grey


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Designed by Michele De Lucchi, the Plissè immersion blender recalls a sculpted volume, a plastic and turned art object, which arouses curiosity for its classic and at the same time contemporary lines. A design that is not purely formal but rich in a series of details that elevate the performance of this indispensable kitchen appliance, such as the pleated surface that perfects its grip and facilitates the flow of the preparation at the end of the process. Composed of several elements: a motor body with two speed buttons, a removable rod equipped with a rotating blade, a PCTG graduated glass with a capacity of 700 ml. The version with accessories additionally includes: a steel whisk with removable attachment/adapter and a chopper. The latter consists of an attachment/adapter which also acts as a lid, blades and a PCTG container with a capacity of 400 ml and a non-slip base. DESIGN NOTES: Functional: Elegant and light, its grooved design is designed to facilitate use and best accompany the movement of the hand. Versatile: Equipped with a collection of accessories that will guide you in the most varied preparations, from chopping fruit and vegetables to creating sauces and pâtés. Suggestive: An object with a solid yet vaporous design, an indispensable tool for the kitchen with the charm of a dress to show off. SUSTAINABILITY AND SAFETY: Tested and certified to ensure consumer safety. PCTG, the material with which the graduated glass and the chopper container are made, is BPA free. WEEE (WEEE) included in the package. The base of the glass and that of the chopper container are non-slip. USE AND MAINTENANCE: [Versatile and simple to use] Offered in two versions. “Base”, with blender and glass, and “Plus”, equipped with two accessories: whisk and chopper with container. Using the hand blender: Insert the removable rod into the motor body and rotate clockwise until it locks. Correct positioning is highlighted by the alignment of the two marks on the motor body and on the adapter. Introduce the immersion blender into the measuring cup or other container wide and deep enough to contain the ingredients to be mixed. DO NOT immerse the blender beyond the point where the shaft and motor body join. Insert the plug into the socket. Hold the container firmly with one hand. Press button 1 to blend more slowly and button 2 TURBO to blend faster. Keep the button pressed during use, until the mixture has reached the desired consistency. Using the whisk: Attach the whisk adapter to the motor body and rotate clockwise until it locks. Correct positioning is highlighted by the alignment of the two marks on the motor body and on the adapter. Insert the steel whisk into the appropriate hole in the adapter, pushing firmly. The two fins on the whisk shaft will guide you. Place the ingredients to be processed into a tall container, then place the whisk in the container. Press the speed button 1. Once finished using it, remove the whisk from the mixture. Before disassembling the whisk, always remember to remove the plug from the socket. To remove the whisk, hold the motor body with one hand and with the other rotate the adapter anti-clockwise until it is completely released. To separate the adapter from the whisk, hold the adapter with one hand and pull the whisk firmly with the other. Using the food chopper Place the blade block on the central pin inside the transparent container and push down. Place the food to be chopped into the container, taking care NOT to exceed the maximum level of the container. Insert the chopper adapter onto the container. Attach the blender motor body to the chopper adapter by turning clockwise until it locks. Correct positioning is highlighted by the alignment of the two marks on the motor body and on the adapter. Insert the plug into the socket. Press the speed button 1. During operation, hold the motor body with one hand and the chopper container with the other. [Easy to clean] The chopper glass and container can be washed in the dishwasher at a temperature that does not exceed 60°, we recommend placing them in the upper basket. PACKAGING: Proposed in recycled cardboard packaging, decorated with an original sketch by the author. Diameter: 7 cm - Height: 34 cm.

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