talent gelato & sorbet i-green - up to 800g of ice cream in 20-25 minutes

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"TALENT Ice Cream & Sorbet - up to 800 g of ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets, granitas in 20-25 minutes (ideal for 8/10 people), possibility of use with both fixed and removable 1.5 l basket, patented shovel , high efficiency compressor, easy to clean, white colour, the easiest to use, made in Italy. Supplied with spatula, recipe book and dispenser. The original Gelato Talent i-Green ice cream machine the compressor ice cream machine for the family who likes to end a lunch with ice cream or sorbet or who wants to give their children ice cream prepared easily and economically with natural ingredients approximately 800 g (1.2 litres) of ice cream, sorbet, frozen yoghurt, in 20/25 minutes (8-16 portions). The use of the removable basket, supplied with the machine, not only facilitates storage in the freezer the use of the machine in an alternative way to cool creams, sauces, drinks, bottles, and store ice cubes. The machine with hidden talents, now with a "green" ecological design and heart. With Gelato TALENT i-Green, you can prepare ice creams, sorbets and granitas of all flavors in a short time. Possibility of use with both a fixed basket and a removable basket, for greater flexibility and ease of storage. Patented double-acting mixing blade, automatically varies the rotation speed according to the density of the ingredients. The mixing of the ingredients is perfect and the temperature homogeneous. The motor with cover locks to the machine body preventing it from inadvertently disengaging. The compressor is equipped with a protection device that prevents damage to the machine. Operation with fixed basket: Introduce the shovel by inserting it into the appropriate slot in the assembled motor-lid group. Fit the unit onto the fixed basket. Before introducing the mixture into the pan it is advisable to pre-cool it for 5 minutes. When the ice cream reaches a good consistency, the blade reverses the direction of rotation, signaling that the ice cream is ready. Stop the shovel. Remove the ready ice cream with the special spatula supplied. Operation with removable basket: Pour a spirit or alternatively a saline solution into the fixed pan. Make sure that the surface of the removable pan is completely wet. Insert the removable basket fully, making sure there is good contact with the fixed basket. Follow the same procedure for the fixed basket. When the ice cream is ready, remove the removable pan by pulling it upwards using the appropriate metal handle. The ice cream can remain in the covered basket of the machine for 10-20 minutes, with the engine off. Before serving the ice cream, if necessary, rework it for a few minutes, so that it regains the right consistency and consistency. The machine has a recommended capacity of 800g. If you insert a larger quantity of ingredients, the volume increases during the production process and the preparation could leak out. Furthermore, the consistency may be less compact. Do not fill the baskets more than halfway. During freezing the volume increases, reaching the maximum volume capacity of the basket. Thanks to the removable basket without any obstacles inside, extracting the ice cream and cleaning the baskets is very simple. Gelato Talent i-Green is the compressor ice cream machine for the family who likes to end a lunch with ice cream or sorbet prepared easily and economically with natural ingredients. Machine Dimensions: 250x350x270 mm - Net Weight: 8.8 kg."It is not