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Informations and usage of cookies on

We keep on working in order to make our website interesting and useful to our customers, trying everyday to meet their needs. To archieve this important goal cookies are one of the most important tools we use.

What are Cookies? How they work? In this page you will find not only the informations you are looking for about cookies, but also how to handle them from your Computer. Lets start from the frequently asked questions...

What are cookies?

Cookies are small portions of information placed on your computer or mobile while visiting most websites. They are used in order to allow the visitor to live the best experience while visiting more times the same website. It's like if the website remembers of You!

Why use cookie?

Cookies allow us to improve the content, the functions and the speed of the website, making us possible at the same time to understand what our users appreciate and what can we do better, adapting it to their needs. Moreover we use them to ensure that advertisements shown reflect better Your interests. use cookies to guarantee a useful, intuitive and interesting website, to make Your research the more succesful as possible.

Without the usage of cookies a website is not able to remember preferences or credentials of users when they came back on the Website. For example, allowing Your browser to save cookies You will not be forced to enter Your username every time You want to login: cookies will remember this information for You.

In a row a list of the main cookies used by and how they work.

Which cookie are used by

Cookies of the visualized websites and third-party cookies use various types of cookie. The "Cookies of the visualized websites" are set by, while "third-part cookie" are choosed by our business partners, vendor and providers.The latter allows to access to special contents on our website, as videos and advertisements provided by third parties. However third parties cookie does not recognise Your personal datas, only Your personal computer do while getting into our website. Sometimes it occur also entering others firms websites. These cookie help us also to collect importants infos on the usage of our Website (website analytics).

For more infos about cookie please check next paragraphs.

Permanent cookie and session cookies

As the most websites we use the so called "session cookie", which remain on your PC during Your permanence on our website. Those cookies are delated automatically at the end of the research, closing the browser. Otherwise the "permanent cookie" are saved on the browser in order to be used while entering the following times on the site (

Strictly necessary Cookie 

These cookie allow the user to surf on our site and use all the essential functions. Without them our site would not correctly work and the users would not be able to benefit from the main services. The strictly necessary cookie allows to use the essential functions during the purchase process or to log in safely to Your account's pages.These cookie are strictly necessary because without them users would not be able to access to the main services available on our website.

Performance and functionality Cookie

These cookie ensure the visualization of practical features as maps and videos. Moreover they allow to save Your settings on our website, including previously viewed tabs or search results. It concern foundamental cookies, because they allow us to improve the performances as well as the functions of our website, making it useful and interesting for the purposes of Your researches.

Analytical and preferences Cookies

We use analytical and preferences cookies in order to collect infos on the usage of the website by the users and to find out the level of appreciation of our marketing initiatives. Collected datas help us to personalize the website according to Your needs and to offer relevant and interesting contents for the purposes of Your researches.

Social network's cookies

As the name suggests, these cookies allows our users to share contents through Social Networks of third-parties. Such variety of cookie is set by providers of social networks services.

In the table below, the cookies used by our website are:

Cookie's name Purpose Type of cookie Duration Source and ownership of cookies Recorded informantions Usage cases Access to informaions
UserData Allows to recognise  the browser's sessionl of the user. Technical Cookie  30 days   Utente Data Navigation profiling Mikand Way S.r.l.


user uid  Technical Cookie  30 days User Data Navigation profiling Mikand Way S.r.l.
UserIdProvv Allows to recognise the user's provenance. Technical Cookie  30 days User Data Navigation profiling Mikand Way S.r.l.
Cookie's Law Allows to recognise if the user approve the use of cookies. Technical Cookie  End of the sessiion User Data Navigation profiling Mikand Way S.r.l.
ASPSESSIONIDCCADSRBT Allows to recognise the browser's session of the user on the server side. Technical Cookie  End of the sessiion Unique ID of session All site Mikand Way S.r.l.
__autvc Encrypting the user's browsing session sensitive data Technical Cookie  End of the sessiion Unique ID of session All site Mikand Way S.r.l.
APISID, HSID, PREF, SID Allows Google to provide its services custom- made Third parties Cookie    Google Site navigation tracking All site Google Inc. For more infos on cookies of Google Analytics please click here. For infos on  privacy governance of Google Inc please click here.
datr Allows Facebook to provide its services custom- made Third parties Cookie   Facebook Login with the Social profile All site For more infos on cookies of Facebook please click here. For infos on  privacy governance of Facebook please click here.


How to handle with cookies?

After having understood how cookies work and their usage by in order to improve Your experience, in the following paragraph You can find some useful advices that can help You manage the cookies on Your computer.

You can set or modify the settings of your browser to delate or disable cookies. However, choosing to disable cookies You could access in any case to the website, but with some restrictions to some functions and areas of our website. On the website You will find some simple to manage cookies on different browsers.

Most of Advertising Networks offer the possibility of refuse cookies. To learn more on the management and/or disabiling of advertising cookies please check the sites of Digital Advertising Alliance and Your Online Choices.

To read more on cookies and on others technologies used by, please send an e-mail using the apposite module to contact the Customer Service. we will do our best to answer Your questions!

From now on cookies have no secrets for You!

By using this site you accept the use of cookies for analysis, personalized content and ads.