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Customer care - F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I register?
Clicking on the home page of the site registered on the button (center of the navigation bar at the top of the site ) , you will be taken to the registration form.
From here you can choose to register conveniently via Facebook (if you have a Facebook profile ) in this mode just click on the OK button in the window that will open automatically.
( NOTE : in this way the email address used to register on the site Yeseatis will be what you have previously used in the recording of your Facebook profile ) .
In this way you will not be prompted for a password , since your identity is already being tested by association with your Facebook account.

We suggest that you use this mode of registration to the site Yeseatis as convenient , fast and safe .

Alternatively you can fill in the fields related to your personal data (name , surname and address shipping / billing ), choosing an email address as your user name and password.
I give my consent to the processing of personal data and clicking on the confirmation button , the recording will be so complete.

How to place an order?
The moment you find one or more products you want to buy , go into / board / boards product by clicking the appropriate button " BUY " , thus being able to see all the detailed information on the product you selected .
At this point you can also specify the amount of the desired product and add it to your shopping cart by clicking the BUY button below the product price.
A message will confirm that your product is being added to your shopping cart.
To complete your order, simply click on " Go to Cart" to view the list of your products you want to buy , you appear commodity prices and the cost of shipping , shipping methods and the type of payment you want to select and then confirm with the " CONFIRM" your order will be immediately processed by Yeseatis .

How do I check my order basket ?
Your / your product / s selected are placed in your shopping cart that you can consult at any time by clicking on the CART button in the navigation menu at the top, of the site, you can at any time add or edit the cart up to your purchase confirmation.

How long does it take to process my order?
The confirmation of receipt of your order is sent to the email address indicated with which you registered on the website Yeseatis .
Orders received and paid before 15:00 are prepared and entrusted to the carrier by the evening of the same day, while orders received after 15:00 are prepared and entrusted to the courier the next day.

What are the payment methods?
The methods of payment accepted are :
1 ) Payment by credit cards (VISA , MasterCard, Postepay, AURA and AMERICAN EXPRESS)
2) Payment via PAYPAL ( if you have a paypal account you can pay by simply entering your email address and password associated with your account PAYPAL )
3 ) Bank Transfer ( selecting this payment method , you will find an indication of the bank to make the payment), be sure to include in the payment details your order number.
In the mode of payment by bank transfer, we will have to wait for the normal timing of bank has credit of your payment, beyond our control .

What are the times and shipping costs ?
Deliveries in Italy are made within 1-2 working days after taking charge of the carrier , excluding the islands where deliveries will be made within 2-3 working days.
For more information see also the section "Delivery "

You can also send parcels abroad?
Yes, you can also make shipments abroad and in our " Shipping " there are more insights pertaining to European countries or outside the EC .
In case you have special requests for shipments abroad, you can also contact us in advance by sending a contact request in the " Contact Us"

What happens if the courier can not find anyone at the time of delivery?
The carrier performs the first delivery without prior notice and within the time specified in shipping time .
In case of absence of the client, the second and third delivery attempt by the carrier are charged to Yeseatis .
If the first delivery is successful , due to the absence of the customer in the place indicated as the destination of the goods , the courier will leave a note with phone numbers to get direct contact with you and know when to schedule a new delivery , depending on your needs .

What do I do if a package arrives with wrong products or broken ?
You may accept the package on the delivery document indicating the " subject to control" , and thus activate the mode made ??which are contained and described in the " terms and conditions" .

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