"Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI - 1 Silver Medal ""Il Profumato"" Cubica in 250 ml case"

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"Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI - 1 Silver Medal ""Il Profumato"" Cubica in 250 ml case - LIGHT ACIDITY - Characterized by a rich aroma and a good, rounded acidity, the "Silver Medal" € represents a highly aromatic product, capable of enhancing with its intensity the flavor of the dishes to which it is added. To be used both raw and in cooking. - Ingredients: Cooked grape must, aged wine vinegar. - Aging: In French oak barrels from 1900 with the addition of already aged balsamic vinegar taken from batteries of centuries-old barrels. - Pairings: salads and mixed salads, vegetables, sauces and gravies. - HISTORICAL COLLECTION: The most iconic and representative collection of Acetaia Giusti. Born from the first historic Giusti label, designed in the early 1900s, reporting in the style of the time the recognitions obtained up to that time. The bottle originally used was the most easily available in the Modena area, namely that of Lambrusco: the €œChampagnottaâ€. It is made up of five products with different recipes and aging processes, created over the years by the various generations of the family, today classified with a progressive number of medals, selected from those achieved in the Universal Expositions of the late nineteenth century. The "Champagnotta" has now also been joined by other formats: the Cubica and the Champagnottina, which reproduces the historic bottle in a smaller format."