pasta with wheat germ - 3.25 kg box

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The Kit contains a unique selection of Wheat Germ Pasta:

Penne 500 g Tortiglioni 500 g Strozzapreti 500 g Spaghetti 500 g Linguine 500 g Calamari 500 g Tacconi 250 g

The wheat germ wheat, constitutes the heart of the grain, and contains vitamins and vegetable proteins. Normally, during the milling of the cereal, the wheat germ is excluded from the semolina to reduce its perishability. Large industries are forced to process flours without wheat germ, but the artisanal workmanship of Antico Pastificio Morelli allows the wheat germ, always fresh, to be reinserted into the semolina.

A pasta with one extraordinary and unmistakable flavour, during cooking it releases an intense aroma of wheat and the water turns slightly green due to the presence of the fresh germ. Morelli pasta is considered of the highest quality not only because it contains wheat germ, but also because it is made with the best durum wheat semolina which is processed using entirely artisanal techniques.

The Antico Pastificio Morelli was born in 1860, is a family-run business. The pasta factory produces many specialties, processing simple products with ancient artisan techniques, avoiding the use of preservatives and colorings. The result is a healthy, genuine pasta with a rich flavor and full-bodied consistency.

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Nutritional values ??per 100 g of product: Energy value (Kcal): 360, Value energy (Kj): 1526, Proteins (g): 15, Carbohydrates (g): 70, Sugars (g): 5.7, Dietary fibers (g): 3.3, Fats (g): 1.8, Acids saturated fat (g): 1, Salt (g): 0.02

Allergens: contains cereals containing gluten.